The social and ethical principles of Oxygen House investors align with our own

Our partners understand the links between environment, education and good business. Our joint aim is the deployment of intelligent capital, overcoming complacency, uncertainty, apathy, fear of change and other challenges which inhibit prudent investment. Running our own projects as well as investing externally, we can prove that even the most radical investment model can make sound business sense.

Founders seeking investment
We invest in you, the founders. When we invest in your business we work with you in pursuit of success. Our partners are like us: bright, enthusiastic and driven, sharing our ethos and aims. We are open and frank about our aspirations. We ask the same of our founders. And, always, our relationships are built on trust.

Oxygen House invests in:
•  Low carbon and renewable energy generation projects and technology
•  Energy saving and management technologies
•  Energy storage technology
•  Health and lifestyle monitoring and management technology
•  Intelligent, data-driven educational technology
•  Educational games technology
•  Training and teaching distribution platforms
•  Congestion reducing technology and services
•  Technology and services that advance energy independence