Oxygen House enables individuals and our partner companies to develop and flourish. Literally we’re a shared physical space. Conceptually we’re a mutually supportive value system. Emotionally we’re a family of likeminded companies and individuals. And our commitment to common goals is unshakeable.

For all of us – founders, partners, staff and associates – our culture is co-operation, not division. Trust, not doubt. Inclusive empowerment, not narrow veto.

So our reason for being is twofold. If we get it right – and we must – the impact will be huge. Founded on long-term sustainability, Oxygen House seeks to enable patient investment in responsible growth, forging vigorous links with companies which share our worldview. We also wish to champion the broader egalitarian principles we believe must underpin business, the community and the world.

Delivering on this vision means Oxygen House is more than the sum of its parts. We strive to be a dynamic, thriving, self-perpetuating organism, making our mark by overturning accepted patterns of thought and action. Global change demands agility. So at Oxygen House we constantly remake and remodel, supported by smart, spirited, tenacious and hugely talented people who work as hard as they play.

Every constituent company is both symbiotic and autonomous. Each interacts with, and sustains, the other. Yet each preserves its own identity. While the parental support of Oxygen House is unquestionable, there is no heavy-handed centralism. Individual decision making is devolved and welcomed without compromise, all family members empowered to shape their own destiny. These are the values that will continue to permeate Oxygen House and our present – and future – company partners.

There’s no doubt our stakeholders are in for a rich and thrilling ride. Both as a nurturing root, and as a flourishing community of equals, Oxygen House is uniquely placed to make a difference and achieve our formative ideals: a cleaner environment, and a better educated society.