Oxygen House: Investment For Growth

Scientists, economists and politicians agree: global warming and poor education are bad for business. The world’s biggest economies are being pushed towards stagnation by mass population movements, higher commodity prices, decreased supply, escalating poverty and civil unrest. With serious shortcomings in the education system, these are challenges society is ill-equipped to deal with.

It is imperative that action is taken now
Oxygen House believes that successful businesses are inseparably linked with improving lives, learning and the broader environment. Investment will contain, and could eventually halt, climate change. It will upend outmoded notions of education and planning. A safe, educated and well-treated workforce is focused and productive, better able to make desirable products and contribute to a thriving company.

In short, we believe in boosting growth by arresting decline. To this end, in partnership with like minded businesses, we are investing in key educational, energy and planning projects.

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