The convergence of education, science and business – the facts

Oxygen House is focused on two primary goals: a carbon-neutral society based on MWs of both renewable energy produced and demand reduced; an overhaul in educational standards through shrewd, patient investment in radical data technology.

These facts and forecasts tell a compelling story:

  • Good education means a unified society. Without it employment, social mobility, health and justice wither and die. At Oxygen House we are helping to create the education technology to do better.
  • Today 40% of GCSE mathematics students fail their exam at first attempt.
  • UNESCO has stated that 58 million children aged 6-11 are out of school because of ill-thought, expensive, labour-intensive education.
  • The profitability of fossil fuel investment is declining, acknowledged by many financial leaders**.
  • According to DARA’s Climate Vulnerable Forum, by 2030 climate change could shrink US GDP by 2%. In China the cost may be $1.2 trillion.
  • 880Gt of the planet’s carbon is atmospheric. It is 80% likely that atmospheric carbon will boost average global temperatures by 2°C by 2040.* In the UK there will be more winter flooding, more summer drought, more stress on national infrastructure. The time left to make a difference is waning.
  • By 2035 pension funds and insurers must invest $10.5 trillion to decarbonise the global economy***.

Sources: *Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, April 2014; **Carbon Tracker financial industry think-tank; ***International Energy Agency (IAA)