As part of an internal project to look at saving and supporting biodiversity, Oxygen House have provided a home to two colonies of honeybees. With over 50,000 honeybees now calling Oxygen House ‘home’, we are looking to grow and support these colonies, whilst training our staff on how to look after them.

Staff have been encouraged to take part in our ‘Meet the Bees’ sessions, to learn and help take care of these fantastic creatures. We are looking to train a small group of staff so that they can pass on their knowledge to their colleagues and get them interested and excited about supporting biodiversity not just at work, but also at home.

We hope that by learning about endangered species, our staff, and their friends, family and acquaintances, will in turn be more attune to wildlife and the natural environment around them and therefore play an active part in helping to save biodiversity.

To start this project we undertook an ecological survey to track which species are present in the area, and we are looking to record these figures annually with the hope existing species will thrive, and new species will be discovered.

Below are some photos of our thriving hives: