Innovative Partnerships

If we are to ensure lasting sustainability through supply chains, stimulate thought leadership in traditional sectors and influence a wider group of businesses, innovative partnerships with likeminded organisations are required.

Oxygen House spends money with legal and accounting professionals. We harness the power of this spend to forge innovative partnerships that deliver positive, incremental impact.

Oxygen House’s strategic partnership with Michelmores LLP is already delivering three times the impact of a normal client lawyer relationship. The partnership has brought new sustainability focused contracts, increased sustainability for the firm and the promotion of green leases to other clients. Triple impact for the same spend.

Oxygen House’s unique understanding of the legal and commercial issues from a cross section of complementary group companies and investments, enables us to innovate in this way. Finding a supportive and like-minded firm to work with is just as important. Together, and in alignment, we can achieve more as a business community.